Composer, performer, researcher

"... a mature, strong and convincing artistic expression that is conveyed with integrity and credibility... the work describes a fascinating dynamic condition rather than the course of a narrative... within the exciting experiential space that is created, minor and major dramatic events occur and grow, melting into each other in a compelling and sometimes humorous way. Barrett also shows a clear consciousness of the capacity of silence to highlight the various interest-moments in the composition, in a shifting interplay between activity and calm, chaos and order" Jury for the Nordic Council Music prize 2006


20.00. 9th July 2015. MuMuth, Graz.
Topology Chamber 2 (full 3D ambisonics array!).

3rd July 2015. EAU concert, Riksscenen, Oslo Norway.
Premier! Topology Chamber 2 (full 3D ambisonics array!).

9th May 2015. MADE festival, Norrlandsoperan, Sweden.
Solo concert, 'A painting of electronic soundscapes in the dark'.

Topology Chamber 1: 5th order 3D ambisonics and real-time
sonification of performance-gesture datasets will be performed
at The International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical
Expression (NIME) 2015.

I will also be presenting my paper 'Creating tangible spatial-musical
images from physical performance gestures'
(available in the NIME proceedings).

NIME 2015 will be held at the Louisiana State University,
Baton Rouge, USA, May 31 - June 3, 2015.

now in both hard copy and FLAC lossless

OSSTS 2014 at Ultima 15th-20th September

Flammepunkt at Eidsvoll! 14th September

New works for preview online:

A Collector's Chest (2013)

Hidden Values, Part 3: Optical Tubes 2012 (6'44")
Soprano: Evdokija Danajloska;
percussionist: Gilles Durot.

Binaural from ambisonics. Original 7th order 3D HOA.
Premiered Nov. 2012, IRCAM Espace de Projection.