A Collector's Chest (2013) 25'00

A collector's chest holds many small compartments within which are organised all kinds of treasures: from a child's stones, shells, dead insects, leaves or trinkets, to priceless type-specimens or collections from world voyages. In this composition, treasures are collected from recordings of the Norwegian ensemble POING-FEED's interpretation of composed musical ideas. These are then transformed and organised as 'type specimens' in a collector's chest of sounds. The music assembles in performance: improvisation meets notation and acousmatic sound, and a multitude of compartments are opened to let sound escape into the air.

A Collector's Chest was commissioned by POING-FEED with support from the Norwegian Cultural Council.

A Collector's Chest is scored for the following instruments:

• Classical guitar
• Percussion
• Soprano saxophone
• Alto saxophone
• Double bass
• Accordion
• Computer, spatialised electroacoustic sound (8-channels) and computer controlled close microphone amplification.

The work combines precise notation with guided improvisation. Musically the performers make up two main groups:

• Group A (Grp-A): Classical guitar, Percussion, Soprano saxophone
• Group B (Grp-B): Alto saxophone, Double bass, Accordion

Group A plays most improvisation elements, while Group B plays most exact notation. Percussion and soprano saxophone parts are particularly open to improvisatory elements based on the graphics, text and pitch centres given in the score.

For scores and computer materials, contact me at my address on the front page

A Collectors Chest: mp3 preview
Recording from Huddersfield Contemporary Music festival 2014. Performers:
Alto saxophone - Rolf-Erik Nystrøm
Double Bass - Håkon Thelin
Accordion - Frode Haltli
Soprano Saxophone - John Butcher
Percussion - Raymond Strid
Guitar - Magnus Andersson
Computer - Erik Peters
© 2013 Performers and Natasha Barrett

The documentation recording was supported by the Norsk Komponistforening.