Rocks meet sound, geology meets art, the science of rock deformation meets interactive 3D space. Aftershock is an exhibition of four spatial sound-art installations and is the result of the art-science collaboration between composer Natasha Barrett, geoscience Karen Mair and Norwegian Centre of Excellence for Physics of Geological Processes (PGP), University of Oslo.

Cleavage Plane: Shearing apparatus, Iceland Spar Calcite, ultrasonic microphone, one loudspeaker, real-time frequency transposition.

Crush-3: Interactive video and sound, wireless headphones, helmet with motion tracking system, loudspeaker array and ambisonics spatialisation.

Golondrina: Six channel sound arranged vertically.

Fractures Frozen in Time (Frieze 1, 2 and 3): Nine channel sound, 50 miniature loudspeakers, bass and low mid loudspeaker cluster.

Crush and Art-Science
UiO public outreach 'Listening to Geoscientific Data'
Crush live improvisation at R-O-M
Crush-3 video-sound improvisation full length (binaural for headphones)
Short texts

Paper Publication: Aftershock: A science-art collaboration through sonification
Didactic example 1
Didactic example 2