Allure and Hoodwink (2014) 18'00

Allure and Hoodwink entices and deceives. It plays with visual and non-visual sounds produced by larger performance motions contrasted to tiny physical actions necessary for sound production. The performers set themselves inside the 'unseen' sound of the electroacoustic world. The instruments speak within mutating spatial scenes and the performers explore the boundary conditions between themselves and the listeners. Allure and Hoodwink is further inspired by Ravel’s piano work Gaspard de La Nuit, which weaves in the instrumental counterpoints, textures and sonorities.

Allure and Hoodwink was commission by Heloisa Amaral and Karin Hellqvist with support from the Norwegian Composers’ fund.

Allure and Hoodwink is scored for Piano, Violin, Computer (live electronics and spatial audio).

For scores and computer materials, contact me at my address on the front page

Allure and Hoodwink: mp3 preview

Recording from the World premier at Borealis Festival, Bergen, 2014. Performers:
Piano - Heloisa Amaral
Violin - Karin Hellqvist
Computer - Natasha Barrett