Innermost (2019), 18'50

Innermost 7th-order 3D ambisonics

Other multichannel formats and stereo for sound diffusion are also available.

Music to the 3D video work of the same name, collaboration with visual digital artist Marc Downie (photo © Marc Downie 2019)

The materials for Innermost stem from two major Norwegian outdoor public events, absent of protest, political rally or violence, and amassing the the free expression of individuals. Innermost is about inner individuality finding outward expression and commonality. Our innerstate is often reflected in our posture and the way we move - or our gait. Innermost reveals, plays with, and develops this expression in sound. Yet a darker tone underlies the work: the materials are created by applying the latest processing techniques for image and sound recognition, already in use for mass population surveillance and tracking.

Innermost was a joint commission by Ultima and EMPAC/ Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York. The work was supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council and EMPAC.