Dream Awake (3'44) and Sensory Sleep (4'23) 2022

Many years ago, excited and overwhelmed with what was possible with computers and composition, I jumped into using sources that appeared musically new. Of course, after listening and learning, I found other composers had got there before me! I left some of these sounds in the 'possibly interesting' archive, and water droplets were amongst them. But now in 2022 it was time to revisit the ideas I left behind with new ears, new knowledge, new tools and new dreams. The result is a two-part work composed in higher-order Ambisonics: 'Dream Awake' and 'Sensory Sleep'. The titles reflect my mental state before and after long studio sessions during the quiet hours of dawn. A Norwegian Arts Council project designed to illustrate the creative process of acousmatic composition to a Norwegian music scene, provided the opportunity to realise what I had imagined many years ago.