Topology Chamber 2 (2015) 13'22

'Topology Chamber 2' is an acousmatic composition in high-order ambisonics (5th order 3D) created from the sonification of spatial performance and instrument motion. Data describing 3-D motion is captured from the recordings of a balloon and a cymbal being explored for their sounding characters. The motion data and sound recordings are analysed and segmented into micro- and meso-scale 'chunks' characterised by gestural qualities, and the chunks are in turn 'rearranged' into larger datasets by way of coarticulation and concatenation. These new datasets, idiomatic of the original gestural performance qualities are sonified using a custom made application where you can explore the spatial gestural image from it's 'inside', while maintaining realistic parallax and parameter scaling. The sonifications are then used as the building blocks for a composition exploring 'tangible' acousmatic sound, placing the listener alongside an invisible body-centred spatial expression where tensions emerge from the pull between known gestural archetypes and musical abstractions.