Urban Melt in Park Palais Meran (2019), 12'00

The summer of 2018 was rather hot. The cities I visited that were normally a pleasant summer temperature were melting. Is this the sign of summers to come? Experiencing how excessive heat can lead to both mirages and a state of delirium, Urban Melt transports an ordinary, outdoor table tennis game in Park Palais Meran, Graz, to a crazier world on the other side of the mirage. This work is one in a series of pieces that visits everyday 'normal' sound scenes and explores ways in which we can evoke and provoke a new awareness of environments we easily ignore.

The composition was made by recording the outdoor table tennis game with the high-resolution EigenMike (4th order ambisonics recording) and then using beam-forming to isolate specific sounds and their directions in the sound-field. These new sources were then gradually transformed and layered back into the scene in 7th order 3D ambisonics.

The work was supported by a grant from the Norwegian The Composers' Remuneration Fund and is available in all multichannel formats as well as stereo for performed sound diffusion.