Volvelle 1 (2015) 20'34

This volvelle is not used for witchcraft or astronomy, but to trace the frequency, space and temporal facets of fields of sound and emerging bodies.

Intentional references to the slow moving lines found in some early electronic art music are dynamically crossed by gestures and musical ideas made possible with our modern tools and new electroacoustic language.

Sound sources used in Volvelle 1 are from flutes (played by Bjørnar Habbestad) and from a rural village in the late evening. The work has been created with support from a Norwegian Cultural Council artists grant.

Volvelle 1 is composed in 5th order 3D ambisonics. From this format can be decoded all from stereo and binaural to large-array horizontal or full 3D horizontal-vertical immersive loudspeaker configurations. Custom decoding are made on request.

The work can also be performed as a live work by the composer.

Volvelle 1 also exists in a special wave-field synthesis (WFS) combined with ambisonics format performed using IRCAM's WFS and HOA Spat MaxMSP objects.