AGORA is an installation and a performance involving electroacoustic music, theatre, and the structural use of space (physical, sonic and aural).

The theatre version of "Agora" is an event where spatial-music is the structural and theatrical driving force. There is one soprano performer, but no 'acting out' of a strict theatrical structure. Instead the spatial disposition of sound via loudspeakers, acousmatic music, physical resonating objects as carriers of sound, and the motion of the soprano through the space, assemble a musical-theatrical structure. The work extends the aesthetics of, on one hand, the music theatre of Kagel (such as his Staatstheater collection), and on the other, the consideration of delineated space defined in Oscar Schlemmer's theory of performance.

For information on the installation aspect of this project, see Agora: Boundary Conditions

Composition of the full theatre work was completed in February 2002. See agora-new.html

For information on the spatialisation and structure agora_spatial_text