This is a quick guide to interacting with the installation. You will probably find it more interesting to read "system" and "interaction" sections.

When you walk up or down the tower you will see three infrared sensors on each floor. The first sensor is by the door. This sensor activates moving sound after one month of the programme being launched. For more information on this sensor see the full text in "system" and "interaction".

When you continue up or down the stairs you will see a grey box and two reflectors on each floor. If you make a sound that is above a programmed volume level at the moment you pass one of these sensors, the computer system will begin recording. The recording stops after a second sensor beam is broken, or after 7 seconds (which ever comes first). At this point the installation will react in different ways depending on the state of the system. Read on in the other sections for information on this reaction.

Essentially there are three things to remember:
1. If you want to interact, make sound at the correct time!
2. The variation of the installation is up to you - if you make boring sound, the computer system will have that to work with!
3. If you don't want to interact, walk quietly past the sensors.

The system currently runs from 8am to 10pm each day. If it is not working at any time its probably because I am making remote changes to the programme.