Adsonore is a sound installation that interprets the functioning of the human immune system. The specifications were that the work should be interactive, continuously changing, site specific, related to the function of the building and be possible to run for 20 years.

Located throughout the west stair tower at the Bygg for Biologiske Basalfag, the installation consists of 7 microphones, 21 infrared sensors, 56 loudspeakers and a central computer system. The microphones record sound, the sensors detect motion activity, the loudspeakers play sound throughout the tower, but the computer is at the heart of the system. A custom made programme decides when to sample a sound, whether that sound is new, or a familiar visitor, and how people are moving through the tower. From the results the computer transforms and spatialises the sound in a way inspired by how our own bodies react to antigens (foreign items). Our immune system responds in different ways and at different speeds. This is very interesting from a musical point of view and allows Adsonora to develop a counterpoint of sounding responses that develop over days, weeks, months, and even years.

One important feature of an interactive installation is that it is both straight forward and with enough depth to engage thought in a broad spectrum of listeners. On entering Adsonore the public can be a spectator, an active agent, or pass through without attention. They can input any sound without limitation and significantly influence the future of the composition.