Photos from Crush at the Nordic Geological Winter meeting, January 2010.
Photo from loudspeaker room with projection in darkness Photo from loudspeaker room with projection and listener
Photo from loudspeaker room with projection in darkness Photo from foyer showing picture targets

Sound and video extracts

Below are links to sound examples in (a) binaural for headphones, (b) in stereo for loudspeakers (c) video extracts.

In the sound example we are navigating through the space and through the rock crushing materials. Here is a brief explanation of what you hear and what is happening in the interactive system:

There are three types of material. All materials are spatialised in ambisonics, which means that as you rotate and move in the space the 3D sound image changes correctly in relation to your orientation:

Sound type A: Two 10-minute continuous layers derived from the sonification of the numerical simulations. The spatial dimension spans the complete interactive space.

Sound type B: Seven 'cue' sounds. These are short, mono, looped sounds, located at fixed points on the perimeter of the space. They act as spatial markers for discovering Sound type C. One minute after the visitor begins interacting these cue sounds loop continuously, their amplitude controlled visitor proximity. When the sound type C is found, the connected sound type B stops until the installation is restarted by a new visitor.

Sound type C: Seven sound materials derived from the sonficiation of the acoustic emissions, of 20 seconds to 2.5 minutes in duration. These sounds need to be 'released', and are found while close-up looking in the direction of each sound type B. When these sounds are released they also span the complete space and can be explored similarly to sound type A. When sound type C is released, sound type A fades away, and likewise fades in again after the current sound type C ends.

Stereo decoding for stereo loudspeakers (if streaming fails, ctrl-click to download the mp3)

Stereo decoding for headphone listening (binaural) (if streaming fails, ctrl-click to download the mp3)

Video extract 1

Video extract 2

Video extract 3

Video extract 4