Duration: 14'45 (2002)

'Fetters' are literally chains or shackles or the feet, or more generally anything that restrains. "Fetters" is a double layered dramatic work where one layer explores the psychological state of being fettered. The second layer involves an analogy to the laws of physics describing the activity of molecules within an enclosure. This law (Boyle's Law) explains how energy input will result in a faster and more violent activity, until the enclosure breaks under the increased pressure. Both the dramatic and sonic content of "Fetters" find place within these laws, yet the idea of the enclosure breaking apart is paradoxically flawed: beyond one enclosure there is a second and a third.

"Fetters" is made from predominantly vocal sources: extracts from The Poetic Edda in original Old Norse spoken by Magnus Rindal, environmental recordings from Smithfield market in London's East End; and the female voice of soprano Kristin Norderval.

The title "... the fetters of a dream..." is borrowed from a line in Wordsworth's poem Laodamia.

"...the fetters of a dream..." was commissioned by Norwegian Radio, and was created in the composer's studio. The work received first prize in the International Rostrum for Electroacoustic Music 2002 in both the main category and in the category for young composers, and was later awarded the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2006.