He slowly fell, and transformed into the terrain (2016) 24'00

The metal horses had lost their colour. The leaves dry, the stones worn, the ice froze, then waned. He slowly fell, and transformed into the terrain.

This composition - a fiction - takes the listener on a journey in the mind of a character born to explore the harmony between human constructions and nature. As constructions begin to take over, he needs to find a new balance. He slowly falls from the enjoyment of a fairground carrousel and the allure of the natural terrain overwhelms his being. The new balance gradually embodies a landscape of dry leaves and lost children, worn stones, melting snow, and a final release into abstraction.

"He slowly fell, and transformed into the terrain" is in two sections: a main journey and a final coda.

The work has been composed in 6th order 3-D higher order ambisonics (49-channel encoded source, which can be decoded to play over most loudspeaker arrays in either pure ambisonics or as a hybrid multi-channel format).

Commissioned by Electric Audio Unit (EAU) with funds from the Norwegian Cultural Council.