Microclimate II: Red Snow

acousmatic composition

'Red Snow' is snow coloured rose to blood red by a growth of algae or diatoms. During seasons when there is little sunlight and temperatures are much lower than the freezing point, the algae are dormant.

I moved to Norway in January - the middle of winter. Both the meteorological and geographical climate dramatically contrasted that found in England. Through leaving friends and places I knew so well, I felt increasingly aware of my current environment. The variety of snow spiralling in the wind, blurring my vision; the cold; the intricate details of vegetation enhanced by a layer of crystal formations; the brightness after the snow ceases to fall; tiny ice crystals falling from branches disturbed by wildlife; footprints suggesting their own scenario... and the potential colour - lying dormant.

'Red Snow' is the second in a series of works entitled 'microclimates'. Each work is structurally balanced, not in a symmetrical sense, but through the 'life' of one articulation resulting in a subsequent and counterbalancing reaction. I have attempted to concentrate the beauty and violence of a natural landscape into the 'microclimate' of the work - forming a new 'organisational space' yet reflecting, in acoustic form, the natural world and source inspiration.