"Mobilis in Mobili" (2006, 8'08)

The ocean's physical nature, mystery, drama, mythology and concept have inspired art and culture throughout history and throughout the world. "Mobilis in Mobili" is the 8-minute central axis of the larger electroacoustic work "Trade Winds" (52'00, 2004-2006) - inspired by this vast expanse of sea.

The title "Mobilis in Mobili" is from 20000 Leagues Under the Seas by Jules Verne. "Several times, during various lulls of wind and sea, I thought I heard indistinct sounds, a sort of elusive harmony produced by distant musical chords... A few moments later, eight strapping fellows appeared ... and dragged us down into their fearsome machine. ... we were suddenly plunged into darkness, utter darkness. The ceiling lights went out so quickly, my eyes literally ached. ... a sliding sound became audible. You could tell that some panels were shifting over the Nautilus's sides... Suddenly, through two oblong openings, daylight appeared on both sides of the lounge. What a sight! What pen could describe it? Who could portray the effects of this light through these translucent sheets of water, the subtlety of its progressive shadings into the ocean's upper and lower strata?"

Thanks to Storm Weather Shanty Choir (sea shanty extract), Jon Varhus (captain of the 100-year old sailing ship Anne Christina).