Recording and spatial formats

For this project I decided not to travel with my Soundfield microphone (cost v risk). Instead, most of the recordings were made with a MS configuration. There is sufficient spatial information in the MS signal such that either a multi-speaker surround or HRTF / binaural signal can be obtained. On these pages the sounds are encoded in binaural using Harpex. The spatial information will function only over headphones (loudspeaker decodings are available offering a spatial accuracy over approximately 220 degrees).

In total I travelled with three equipment options, each for different situations:

High quality but conspicuous: Single MS (Neumann AK 20 and AK 40 mounted in a Rycote), Fostex FR-2 LE recorder.
High quality hidden binaural: Two DPA 4060's hidden on a headband. DPA MMA6000 Microphone Amplifier connected to line input of ZOOM H2.
Low quality: ZOOM H2 built-in microphones (four channel recorder).