Rhizaria. (13'00, 2007-2008)

"Rhizaria (Barely_part 4)" is the forth part of the 'Barely' cycle. For more information on Barely, see the notes for "Gentle Sediment (Barely_part 3)". In "Rhizaria (Barely_part 4)" the idea of "experienced thresholds" are explored through extreme close microphones drawing nuances of the cello's quieter sound-world and details of the cellist's performance closer to the ear of the listener. Experienced thresholds are also explored structurally through the time axis.

In "Rhizaria" the electronic layers of the work are created directly from the cellist's real-time performance. The idea is to ensure a unity of live-electronic sound and gesture over micro- and macro-time.

"Rhizaria" was composed for cellist Tanja Orning.

The Barely project was researched, and the different parts composed, under a stipend from the Norwegian Cultural Council, 2006-2008.